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Your skin is unique and needs unique care! Every patient will get a personalized skin analysis to determine what is the best treatment for your skin needs. 


Deep Cleansing Facial 

 With our distinctive skin care and highly trained professionals we will make sure your skin glows and feels refreshed. 

After your skin analysis our aesthetician will cleanse your skin, use steamer/ vapor to help your facial pores open for easier extractions. A refreshing masque will help your skin cool and feel renewed. Your facial will include ZO® medical grade skin products that will allow your skin to absorb all the active ingredients to nourish, hydrate and plump your skin. 

Oily/ acne skin Facial 

It is hard to adapt your skin to all the different challenges it goes through. Environmental, hormonal changes, eating habits, genetics you name it!!!

At MICARI Aesthetics & Wellness we have compiled ingredients to combat the unwanted breakouts and give your skin the hydration it deserves to control those breakouts. 


Brightening Facial 

Hyperpigmentation has many contributing factors, such as sun exposure, hormonal changes, age and skin inflammation. 

Our Brightening facial will help bring your skin back to its vibrant healthy appearance. It will revitalize, hydrate and nourish your skin along with ZO® medical grade skin care you are set to new glowing skin!


Antiaging Facial 

Age gracefully or have MICARI Aesthetics meet you half way and allow us to smooth out the process.  Our antiaging protocols help patients be more confident with the skin! You only have one skin, take care of it. Facials are as important as any other anti-aging modality, here is where your skin will be pampered and get ready for any other treatment. 

Our anti-aging facial will indulge your skin with ZO® medical grade skin care products that will penetrate your skin barrier to smooth out wrinkles, enhance collagen production, soften appearance of expression lines. Get ready to GLOW!

ADD Dermaplaning to any of your facials and get that extra refreshed feeling, long lasting glow and smoothness!!!